Four Steps for Query Letter Success

Query letters: THE single most common question I get from unpublished writers.

And they're right to be worrying about them. Very few good-sized publishers will even read from the slush pile anymore.

You've got to have an agent. That means, absent a direct referral, you need a query letter.

So here's your plan for success:

  1. Check out the WSJ articles on why you need an agent HERE.
  2. Read my original query letter from years ago, the one that got me my first agent.  Still works exactly like that.
  3. Need a template: here you go. One page, no more, but the toughest one page you'll ever write.
  4. Finally, look at this  great collection of honest-to-God query letters that made agents bite. I really like this list because the agents themselves tell you exactly what captivated them in each query letter.

Got a query letter that's not working that you'd let me use in a blog post?  Drop me a note at



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