The Query Letter That Led To My First Six-Figure Contract

Cyndy Mobley

XXX North Second Avenue


Wieser & Wieser


New York, NY XXXXX

13 May 1995

Dear Mr. Wieser:

Marc Iverson suggested I contact you.  Marc and I are in the same Naval Reserve unit and he just finished reading a manuscript I’ve had in the works for a few years.  He gave me the “full Cleveland” on a previous draft and he says it’s now ready to see the light of day.

When the Russians activate still-functioning WWII mine fields around key Mediterranean choke points, the Commanding Officer of Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 106, Lieutenant Commander Jerusha Bailey, must fight through a web of deception and betrayal in order to reach the one man who can prevent a war – the Russian submarine commander now stalking her ship.  Rites of War (95,000 words)is the story of a National Security Agency analyst thrust into the center a conflict at sea and the choices she must make and the promises she must break in order to prevent World War III.

I enlisted in the Navy when I was 18.  I’m currently the ASW officer in a Naval Reserve unit that provides expert wargaming for battle force commanders.  When not with my reserve unit, I’m practicing law in San Diego.

Can I shoot Rites of War over to you?  I’m enclosing an SASE or you can reach me at ***-***-****.

Thanks so much for your time!


Cynthia Mobley

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