Writing Techniques

Unpublished? It's not your fault. Most of what you've been taught about writing is wrong. Learn hardcore real-world techniques from bestselling authors.

Traditional Publishing

Getting published by a top-tier traditional publisher is still a serious street cred. There are lots of options these days, but don't over look this one.


A respectable and lucrative option. You can sell far fewer books and make an excellent living. Check out these resources.

Find Your Readers

Traditional or self-pubbed? Doesn't matter. You're still going to have to do most of the work to get the word out about your book.

Latest Books

Cyn Mobley

The 30 Day Novel: Plot

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Outlining. You know all the bestselling writers do, you know you should, but it sounds SO damned boring. Never fear. Once you understand HOW to structure your outline, you get control over the most important tool you'll ever have.

Cyn Mobley

The 30 Day Novel Trilogy
Plot, Back Story, First Pages

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BAM! Kick it up to the next level of professionalism by sharpening your skills and techniques in these three subjects.

Cyn Mobley

First Pages

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Within the first pages -- the first few paragraphs -- you've got to hook the reader, get the reader to suspend disbelief, and make the reader believe your world. Agent, editor, consumer -- it doesn't matter. Fumble any one of those three elements and you've lost them forever.

Cyn Mobley

The Last Casualty

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When a priest hears the dying confession of a spy that a mission in progress is compromised, he must choose between his vows and his promises.


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